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Mutiara Mortgage & Credit - about us

Affordable Home
Financing Scheme

Mutiara – Sarawak’s Best Non-Bank financier is here to assist affordable house buyers to enjoy FINANCING that has the right combination of features, values and benefits.

Why Mutiara
Financing Scheme?
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Mutiara is offering Home Financing to help the lower income group to own their dream houses.

mutiara - government certified lending company

A Sarawak State Government Link Company, with exception by the Minister of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government Malaysia (KPKT) under subsection 2A (2) of the Money Lending Act 1951 (Act 400) for all provisions of the Act.

Mutiara - Bumiputera Native status company

Home Financing facilities are recognised by Employees Provident Fund (EPF) where the applicant is eligible for a withdrawal benefit from EPF account.

Mutiara - free consultation for Home loan

Home Financing facilities offered by Mutiara are eligible for exemption of stamp duty under Stamp Act 1949 P.U. (A) 54/2021 and P.U. (A) 258/2018.

Mutiara home load flexibility

Our Home Financing scheme is flexible to suit the need of house buyers.

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