To widen the outreach of Sarawak State Government effort in realising that nobody shall be deprived of a roof over their head, Mutiara Mortgage & Credit Sdn Bhd is implementing Islamic Financing products and businesses complied with Shariah requirement. These new / enhance Home Financing Packages will benefit a wider range of B40 group to own a house.

List of Approved Developers for HDAS (as of 11/1/2022)

Mutiara Home Financing Scheme (MHFS)

Financing the purchase of social housing by Housing Development Corporation (HDC)

Mutiara Home Ownership Scheme (MHOS)

A scheme to replace the financing needs of house buyer who does not meet the normal terms and conditions of financing requirements.

Mutiara Affordable Home Financing Scheme (MAHFS)

MAMFS is designed to cater the financing need of the affordable house buyer such as Spektra Medium, Spektra Permata and Sri Pertiwi Housing Program.

Mutiara Dream Home Financing Scheme (MDHFS)

A scheme to cater for Skim Pembesaran Kampung (SPK) and Skim Penempatan Semula (SPS) by Sarawak State Government. MDHFS to finance the cost of building construction of the house on the allotted piece of land.

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